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Inviting all Filipino comic book aspiring artists, pencilers, inkers, painters, colorists and digital graphic designers and fanatics!

Learn various advanced techniques and practical details for a profitable career in comic book, newspaper strip creation, anime and manga style from comic book professionals:

David Campiti (Superman, Jade Warriors, Exposure, Lost in Space )

Wilson Tortosa (Jade, Banzai Girl, Battle of the Planets, Tomb Raider,LEGO Exo-Force )
Jinky Coronado (Banzai Girl)
Carlo Pagulayan (Elektra, X-men Unlimited, New X-men, Emma Frost, Superman)
Rainier Beredo (colorist for MK Incredible Hulk, Amazing Spiderman, X-MEN Unlimited)
Tina Francisco
Jeffrey Huet
(Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk)
Jonathan Lau

and others, including some special guests.

click here to learn more about the scope of the seminar

click here to learn more about the lecturers

P1000 per ticket.
* Good for 2 days with free meal and drinks, free drawing materials, limited ashcan memorabilia and lots of giveaways.
* Personal one-on-one portfolio review by the professionals.


* A FREE video showing of Stan Lee's "Who wants to be a Super hero"
* Comic Forum with Filipino Comic Creators, Artist, and Publisher
* Comic Art Exhibit of Glass House Graphics' Artist
* Alfredo Alcala Comic Art Exhibit
* Nick Manabat Comic Art Exhibit
* Comic Booth Sales and Exhibit
* Raffle giveaways and contest

Limited Slots Only! So hurry up and buy your ticket now!



Tickets are now AVAILABLE in

Blue Lane, 3rd Floor Shoppesville, Greenhills, San Juan.
just look for TINA or VIC
Lower Grnd Flr., Bldg A



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UPDATE : Friday, October 13, 2006

VISIT NEO COMICS BOOTH at the 4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar


Reixa, Kyous Strey, and Leia will surely treat you to fast-paced, razor-edged action. Jade and Jared and Blaze and Raren will guide you through the lessons and dramas of life. They are the new guys on this side of the comics' block, the new heroes that will capture the kids' hearts. And they are coming straight at you via NEO Comics.

Launched under Don Juan Publishing, Inc., a member of the Buy and Sell Group of Publications, NEO Comics' primary aim is to breathe new life to the local comics industry and re-establish its former stature. But more than this, NEO Comics is taking manga and anime-based comic books to the next level. It boasts of world-class artworks and high-definition computer-enhanced colors that can compete in the global arena of comics creation. NEO Comics can rival even the elite class of comics artists.

NEO Comics caters to every anime fanatic, toy collector, comics and manga junkie, and online gamer. And as it unfurls its big opening into the market, two new exciting titles will be introduced as its initial offering: EPICS and FABLES.

If you're into pure, in-your-face action, EPICS fits just right for you. EPICS takes you to an unending journey of classic adventures. With its fast-paced stories and hard-knock epic battles, it will surely keep the readers glued to its pages and they will definitely beg for more.

While EPICS centers on the physical combats of its characters, FABLES features the drama and lessons of everyday living; stories that highlight love and friendship, happiness and despair, the lessons in winning and losing. FABLES lets comics enthusiasts experience the softer side of life.

NEO Comics is composed of a solid lineup of young, dynamic, and highly creative artists mostly in their teens and are very much into the anime, manga and cartoon scenes. These boys and girls represent the next generation of comics' creators. Most of all, these bunch of new bloods are pure Pinoy that's why we can finally brag of a product that's first-rate and 100% purely Pinoy-made.

GRAB YOUR NEO COMICS PREMIERE ISSUE available in National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Filbar's, Magnet plus, Kids & Moms,Merriam & Webster, Pandayan Bookshop Binondo Media, Papyvore,C.A. Comm, Emilene's Pharmacy, Brochiere, Hardware Exchange, Tropical Hut,10/Q,Video City, MC Home Depot, Office Warehouse,.Caltex, Shell, Petron, Total gasoline stations, and other newsstands

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